• Alyse James

Liar Liar: A Song Essay in Vulnerability

“Being vulnerable on stage has always been a struggle. Music to me is an intimate space as a result of which most of my work used broader more ambiguous themes. It kept me safe but never authentic.” -Mana Contractor, Lead-singer of Lace and co-writer of "Liar Liar".

I'm in love with dance-y tunes and underlying meanings. Enter “Liar Liar” by Lace, an incredibly fun, groovy song that's impossible not to dance to. Underneath the warm, welcoming melodies of Liar Liar is a message, a request: “Liar Liar who’d you think you’re hiding from? Liar Liar, there’s nowhere for you to run. Tell me your story”.

This accusation is calling the listener out, inviting us to be our most vulnerable self. The singer's soothing vocals, entices us to take on the daunting task of total vulnerability. As artists we’re constantly under a microscope, and it can be easy to hide, runaway from showing our most authentic selves.

“Storyteller you weave your tale you tell with lies. Never, never the words you utter will not fly”.

Storyteller, immediately makes me think of social media and the ways in which it allows us to curate our life. We only share the wins on social media. Especially in a city like LA where everyone has a hustle mentality, you're practically irrelevant if you're not constantly accomplishing goals. "Liar Liar", is here to say "Stop. That narrative is not gonna fly. We're not believing the lies anymore. Own up to the fact that not everything in your life is in control." I have, for a very long time struggled to accept the fact that most, if not all of the things that happen in my life are not in my control. I tried to get closure from the feelings of rejections by saying, "Well it's my fault I didn't win that fellowship, didn't keep dating that person, didn't get that job etc." It was easier to place false-blame on myself, than admit to the bigger truth: It's not personal. There's no way you'll ever be able to control the outcome of events, you can only shoot your shot, there's no way to control whether or not that shots going in.

You dream, dream and how? Fight the flight. Blinkers on, come back down.

In the song "Liar Liar" we are challenged to “fight the flight”. A fun play on the physiological reaction of the “fight or flight response” where we perceive a harmful event, attack, or threat to our survival. "Liar Liar", encourages us to fight the urge to run away from our fear of vulnerability. Your fans, friends followers etc. want to see you, not this dream version of you that is not grounded in reality.

“The truth is lighter, a weight lifted off your brow. Burn brighter we want to see you as you are now. Tell me your story”

It’s in fact much easier to be honest and open with people, than trying to keep up an act. It feels like a huge weight is lifted off of your shoulders. As someone whose been through six years of therapy to fight my own fears relating to vulnerability, I can assure you that it is in fact so much easier to tell the truth, than to try hide your flaws from the world. Cuz guess what? The world is calling bullshit.

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